Micha Schwab, PhD. CV

Google Engineer, Web & Visualization Researcher


Make information more accessible - using better and faster graphics & visualization on the web, for mobile & desktop.

At Google, my team is responsible for smooth Android updates, keeping millions of people safe and connected. Inside and outside of Google, I create and improve visualizations and supporting infrastructure with interactions and high performance.


Scalable Scalable Vector Graphics performance

Solve the major data visualization problem that SVG rendering is slow by rendering any visualization in a multi-thread canvas application and keeping track of changes.

VisConnect collaboration

Automatically support distributed collaboration in data visualizations.

EasyPZ.js Pan & Zoom Library for Visualizations interactivity mobile

EasyPZ makes it extremely easy to use advanced pan and zoom techniques on data visualizations.

Evaluating Pan & Zoom Timelines and Sliders interactivity mobile

Which pan and zoom techniques should be used in data visualization, on mobile and desktop? This paper sheds some light into this question by comparing navigation speeds.

Perfetto UI: Performance instrumentation and tracing for Android, Linux and Chrome performance

Perfetto is Google's new system for performance analysis using tracing. As of 2020, Perfetto is part of the Chrome browser and you can record traces at the interface below. I helped create the core architecture and crucial parts of the web-based trace viewer UI.

Maximizing Resolvable Items: A Mantra of Mobile Visualization mobile

How do we interact with a lot of data on mobile devices, where screen sizes are small and selection accuracy is low? The Mantra of Maximizing the Resolvable Items can guide you through this challenge.

booc.io: An Education System with Hierarchical Concept Maps and Dynamic Non-linear Learning Plans

What's the fastest way to learn X? What do I need to know, what can I skip? This project answers these questions for students in a class using a hierarchical visualization to give an overview of a course.